The Globe Theater

20150719_234436Friday was an incredible day on the smaller stage of the Globe Theater. I caught three incredible sets, and I think Simply B and Nick Romer (Scenic Byway) played in each of them! What a treat, right?

SimplyBI caught both sets by Simply B (Brandon Barker). There is something about his particular brand of singing, playing, and looping that speaks to me. It’s complex, it requires real skills, and an immense amount of practice and rehearsal to make it all come together. Brandon is a genuine talent and a great guy. He and I hung out a bit, shared a cookie or two, and I let him know how much I appreciate his art.

Later, I went down to see my friend Michael Dallin play. His sweet, reliable voice is the real show here, but who did I see on stage with him? Yup. Simply B and Nick Romer. It was a great set but I only caught a couple of songs. Michael and I have some common interests, and I always appreciate his take on things and got to hang out quite a bit during the revival. I’m glad for that.

GeorgeLifeThe last act I caught at the Globe Theater was hip hop artists extraordinaire, GeorgeLife (gLife, DJ Pookie, Master Qball). These guys deliver some of the most innovative, DJ-oriented music I’ve ever heard. And who do I see on stage? Yup. Simply B on bass and Nick Romer blowing the horn like he’s in a Kansas City roadhouse!

Very nicely done, guys. It was a real treat to see each of you perform individually and collectively. Hope to see each of you performing at a venue near me, soon!