Day One, Way Back in January

11041810_465209700299222_7076997242243710405_nThe first I ever heard of the Roots of the Rocks Revival music festival was in the early days of 2015, mere months before it would unfold in all its madness, glory, and greatness atop the high peaks of the Tusher Mountains east of Beaver, UT.

Now, before you start thinking bad things about me for not knowing about this festival, bear in mind I’ve been a genuine fan of heavy metal music for roughly 45 of my 50 years. I’ve only recently made the migration your direction. Make no mistake, I’m hooked but admittedly new.

I had dropped in to visit my friend Robby Reynolds III (Sly and Naz-T; You Topple Over), who was staying in the home of Gigi Love and Peter Nicholson (Gigi Love and the Mystics), and standing in the kitchen was Robby, Gigi, Talia Keys (Talia Keys; Talia Keys and Marinade), and Melahn Atkinson. They were gathered around the kitchen island looking at a freshly printed poster. Excitement was in the air, so I played along.

I knew Robby, Talia, and Melahn but was meeting Gigi for the first time. In what I can now only call a most fortuitous turn of events, Gigi asked me if I was going to the Revival. Well, of course I was going, right? The last music festival I had attended was Uncle Uncanny’s in 2013—its last run—and I was anxious for another.

Music festivals of this nature are a little outside my lifetime of experiences, but I know a lot of the musicians involved, and the vibe of family inclusiveness rings a loud bell in my life. As a family we’ve begun to embrace these types of experiences because ultimately we’ve discovered they’re the truly meaningful interactions and memories, and Zen and I like that in our lives, particularly for our young son, Rex.

As the weeks fell out of the calendar and winter turned to spring and then summer, excitement levels in our family were on the rise. We were formalizing plans with Gigi and JR (The Imagine Nation) to make ourselves useful by pitching in our muscles, our vehicle, our babysitting skills if necessary, our trailer, and any other relevant skills, actual or implied. 😉

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