Low on Fuel

LowFuelAs we loaded our trailer, Matt and I commented to each other on the fullness of the load but the relatively light weight of the cargo. After all, we weren’t hauling couches with hide-a-beds or lead balloons. We felt like it wouldn’t impact our gas mileage too badly. Famous last words, right? The extra weight of the 16′ trailer and a couple of thousand pounds of furniture and band equipment we were carrying cost us roughly five miles per gallon.

No sooner had we exited the freeway in Beaver to head up the mountain, our low fuel indicator came on. When you’re the kind of person who’s feeling the pressures of getting all that gear to the Revival—like me—this wasn’t great news. In fact, in my mind our truck was screaming, “OUT OF GAS!” Still, we slogged up the mountain, determined to get the furniture to the show. We were, however, essentially out of fuel upon arrival.

The collective help of our friends and family at the Revival helped us secure enough fuel to make it back down to Beaver where we could get enough additional fuel to get us home. Thank each of you very much.

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