Day 2

Day Two

FaeryFolkDay two of the Revival started right on time—roughly an hour late—but Faery Folk representing Portland, OR didn’t even seem to notice. If they got as much sleep as the rest of us did last night, then I’m sure they didn’t mind the extra few minutes to chase it away.

They’re a young group who show promise, and I pretty much said those words to Miles, Chris, and Morgan, the competent trio who are slowly finding their sea legs. Props for traveling all the way from the PacNorWest. I’m grateful for your effort.

The theme of the day was definitely rain, rain, and more rain, but that didn’t stop Scenic Byway from delivering the goods. Sadly, I only heard it and I was distracted through a lot of it with talk of moving everything to an indoor location. A serious storm was on its way and we would not be able to withstand its force, complete with marble-size hail.

ScenicBywaySpeaking of Scenic Byway, every time I turned around trumpeter Nick Romer was sitting in with another band! This is one of the things I’ve totally enjoyed as I’ve become more and more familiar with many of the bands and musicians appearing at the Revival. Everyone seems quite willing to sit in for a few songs, act as temporary replacement when a regular band member is absent, and overall just play whenever and wherever they can. It’s this level of dedication that separates the pros from the wannabes.

Like I always tell Rex, a lot more “be” and a lot less “wanna” and you’ll go far in life.

Nick Boyer from Puddle Mountain Ramblers introducing himself to me in the green room, having recognized my big black hat from my Facebook page! Sadly, I didn’t get to see his band play, but Nick and I saw each other a few times here and there and chatted a bit, including way into the wee hours of Monday morning while  Triggers & Slips was playing. Appreciate the time, Nick.

The rain has forced a delay in the Revival. Plenty of musicians hanging out in the green room tent, staying dry. With any luck at all an impromptu acoustic jam will happen. Got my fingers crossed.

Ran into my friend Melahn Atkinson in the green room. She helps me see the world a little differently, and to stop and think about the things I’m about to say and do. Example: Today, she was looking for a place to stash a backpack, more out of the way than anything. I made a crack about placing it near me so I could keep an eye on it, although I doubted anyone would take it. She told me she was just going to put it out there that someone taking it wasn’t even really part of the equation.

She’s a very conscientious person who means the things she says. It’s an admirable trait, and her friendship has often given me pause to assess if what I’m about to say is really what I mean, or—sadly that I even have to check myself on this—even want to be saying. I’m working toward more clear and positive communication, and the example Melahn sets for me is a big part of that equation.

AdventHorizonI have been a fan of progressive rock for a very long time, and because of that I was in high anticipation of Advent Horizondelivering their exceptional variety. They were one of the bands I had circled on the calendar. I’d seen them a time or two before, but had listened to plenty of their songs by way of the Interwebs.

Their scheduled performance time was in jeopardy because of the severe summer rain and hail storm that seemingly was not going to let up. Fortunately, it cleared and they were able to throw down for a little more than an hour and wow was it sure worth the wait!

They played an incredible rendition of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” in 40-degree weather, and Jimmy Lauscher (Marinade) and I commented to each other how impressed we were with the fingering skills of both Rylee and Levi on that particular song. I know it was epic because the entire crowd went nuts when the song ended, not just me and Jimmy.

I had a chance to speak with Rylee after their show (thanks for comping Zen your latest CD, we’ll definitely come see you guys play again) and learned a bit more about the band, the direction, and the strong suits of each member. He told me he is a large part of the “prog” of the Advent Horizon equation, and how each musician brings something a bit different to the table to add to the progressive mix.

I feel like I have a new group of friends who have totally dedicated themselves to deliver something honest and unique, or nothing at all. Progressive rock will definitely live on through the ambitious musical vision of Advent Horizon.

MarinadeDay two was a very long day for all parties involved, including mine. The show had moved indoors at this point because of treacherous weather, and most Revival goers showed up to continue the party. Zen, Rex, and I stayed out as long as we could, but learned our witching hour is 4 a.m. and not a minute longer. Still, we got to see quite a bit of Talia Keys and Marinade for what will be our last time, and it was emotional for me.

They opened their show with Matt Pizza on percussion and Tony Holiday on harmonica, and it was fantastic. Jimmy had told me they were going to start their set like a shot from a cannon and he wasn’t fooling. The indoor crowd was ready for their brand of fun, which included one of my favorite songs, “Politicks”.

Talia, Jimmy, Spencer, James, and I’m going to throw Dana Shaw and Melahn Atkinson into the mix here, are individually and collectively my friends and I think their band has always delivered the genuine article. I’m sad I won’t be able to see them at Mystic Hot Springs, but I won’t dwell over what could be. Enjoying the here and now works just fine.

Day two ended with both me and Jasper Groff as no-shows when it wrapped. The only difference is no one cared I wasn’t there! LOL! Stonefed-Minus-One played until sunrise, and from what I’ve heard it was a right proper jam. What else could it have been, right? My only real regret is Rex missed seeing Jasper, again. He did, however, have a blast with Lenore’s dog, whom he called “Beast”, on account of its minuscule size.

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