20150717_115228We landed early Thursday morning to friendly greetings from Gigi and Peter. We were given the quick tour and promptly made ourselves useful by moving furniture and equipment. We were already having a great time!

In addition to Gigi and Peter, we knew some of the other good folk already onsite. For me, this was the moment that really started to personalize my experience, knowing full-well that many of our other friends would be arriving over the next 24-hours. There are few things better than seeing someone you haven’t seen for a while, right?

The lack of sleep the night before due to packing our own gear, the early departure from Salt Lake City, the work of the day, and the high altitude got the best of me, and before the sun had even set I was exhausted and decided I’d better close my eyes for a few minutes. The next time I opened them it was Friday morning, roughly 12-hours later. I must have needed the sleep because I don’t normally log that many hours in one stretch.

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