The Show Wraps

I thought I might end this by starting to thank people for this and that, and then realized the only thing I’d do is leave out someone really close to me (it’s inevitable) and add a thousand more words to an already long bit of writing. I’m in favor of neither, so here’s where I stand on thanking everyone: If I spoke with you, I thank you for your time. If you made me, Zen, and Rex feel like family, I thank you.

Finally, I have always wanted all of my friends to also be friends, and each of us to know only the same people. One degree of separation is possible, and for many it is a reality. But, like all ambitious endeavors it requires a willing heart and an ability to step out of one’s comfort zone. I’ve got the heart, and I’m working on broadening my horizons. Thank you, one and all, for graciously including yourselves in my beautiful experience.

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